Terms and Conditions


I. This website is owned and operated by Hardin ng Tala

II. By accessing, browsing or using this website, you agree to all terms, conditions and disclaimers.


2. Delivery

Delivery Fee Quote Guarantee

I. Prior to checkout, The Hardin ng Tala agrees to quote and/or display the agree delivery fee.

Delivery Courrier

II. Depending on the location that you are accessible. For nearby City, we can deliver using toktok, Lalamove or Transportify.

Damages on Deliver

III. We assure quality potted rose at your doorstep. But due to circumstances on the side of the courier that is beyond our reach, Hardin ng Tala is not liable for whatever damages of plants. (Buyer risk)

Deliveries in Transit

IV. The Hardin ng Tala does not provide a track and trace service or an estimated time of arrival once products are in transit for delivery. You can use our website of status ordering only.

V. Proof of Delivery (POD) times are available if requested. We can also provide you the tracking number to check the status of the transit on the courrier website.

3. Changes and Cancellation

I. Please make sure all order details are correct at time of ordering. We are unable to vary any orders once we shipped out the product.

4. Customer Obligation

Contact Details

I. Customers must supply Hardin ng Tala with a valid phone number and contact email.

II. Hardin ng Tala accepts no liability arising out of failure to contact a customer, where the contact details were not supplied, were invalid or incorrect.

Delivery Address

III. It is the obligation of the customer to ensure the recipient’s delivery address is correct.

IV. Failure to provide the correct delivery details may result in incorrectly delivered goods, undelivered goods and additional redirect or redelivery fees.

V. Hardin ng Tala accepts no liability for incorrectly delivered or undelivered goods, where the customer made no reasonable attempt to correct the address within a reasonable period of time and/or the Hardin ng Tala acted reasonably when delivering the goods.

VI. Once delivered in accordance with your instructions, the product becomes the responsibility of the customer.

Recipient Details and Personalised Messages

 VII. The customer must ensure recipient details, such as their name and address are correct and also spelt correctly. The Hardin ng Tala accepts no responsibility for any incorrect information, when such information results from a reliance on information provided by the customer.

VIII. In regards to internet orders, customers should ensure that their personalised message is written to their satisfaction. The Hardin ng Tala accepts no responsibility for incorrect spelling, grammar or formatting.

5. Cancellation of Orders

I. Cancellation request should be made 12 hours prior to your  checkout order via our website.

II. Hardin ng Tala is unable to cancel orders that are already prepared and/or are with a courier for delivery.

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